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Be prepared to enjoy the hottest nightlife in the world with UK2VIP. Nightclub Lines in some venues can leave you waiting up to 2 hours depending on the weekend and night. VIP Line Passes are available for all club venues. VIP Passes will allow you to skip the long club lines and gain entry without having to pay any additional tips or gratuity to doormen, hosts, etc.

What Is VIP Hosted Entry?

VIP Hosted Entry involves the assistance of an in person Host. These individuals meet you out in front of the club and walk you to your table or past the long lines outside the venue. Hosted Entry is recommended for individuals not familiar with the Nightlife industry or those who prefer a hassle free ability to enjoy a night out without waiting in lines. Hiring a personal VIP Host enables you to enjoy the perks of a VIP and allowing you to enjoy your break as intended!

Why Do I Need A Nightclub VIP Line Pass?

UK2VIP arranges trips to huge tourist destinations and everyone attending the Nightclubs and entertainments facilities are usually visitors which makes it easier for Nightclub doormen and hosts to hold you in place until you raise a tip or 'handshake'. The Clubs have no incentive to let you right in as the longer nightclub lines make the venue look full and the opportunity to gross better wages with tips is achieved. VIP Passes will at the very least grant you the ability to bypass the long lines without any games being played at the door. Without a Bottle Service Reservation or Pre-Purchased VIP Pass you are left to deal directly with the Nightclub Doormen and if the lines are long good luck negotiating a good rate when you’re only alternative is to wait.

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