Marquee the renowned nightclub brand from New York is set to open a top the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las vegas. Sparing no expense the creators of TAO are set to reclaim nightlife stardom by opening the largest nightclub in Las Vegas and for that matter the world.

Club Marquee will focus not only on providing nightlife entertainment but something different as they are to offer a day clubbing experience at the Beach Club. Las Vegas visitors will now have venue to party at during both the day and night.

The Nightclub will be hosted on the mezzanin level of the Cosmopolitan Hotel offering breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and Pool Club which sits beside it. Marquee is set to offer a Pool party experience complete with ultra lounge and high powered nightclub to keep your feet moving for over 12hrs if you can handle it. There are projected to be several rooms each hosting its own private DJ and lounge area inside the club so be sure to book you vip table reservations with us for the best table placement.

Marquee VIP Services

Located atop the Cosmopolitan Hotel the Marquee will be offering decadent VIP service which includes Bottle & table reservations alongside VIP passes for both male and females. Do not get left out the lines to enter into the largest nightclub in Las Vegas.

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Details - Marquee

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd,

Las Vegas,

NV 89109,

United States

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