If you are a 'First Timer' to Vegas and want to treat yourself to spectacular views, cool people and funky music then Ghostbar is the place. Found inside the Off-Strip 'Palms Hotel', Ghostbar is 55 floors above Vegas and is a wise choice for those seeking a lounge atmosphere mixed with futuristic furnishings and the occasional Playboy Bunny.

Ghostbar still commands a loyal following especially for those staying at the Palms Hotel. If you are one of them then go have a look! But don't look down, as there is a surprise on the outer Deck. A 1ft. Thick pane of transparent glass separates you and 1000ft. of floor space needless to say it 'Breathtaking' to stand above.

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Details - Ghostbar

55th fl.,

4321 W Flamingo Rd,

Las Vegas,

NV 89103,

United States

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