Exotic Car Rentals

UK2VIP offer a wide variety of Exotic Sports Cars, Classics and armoured transportation vehicles. Play hard when in town as we provide the largest collection of exotic rentals. Choices include Lamborghini Gallardo's, Ferrari's, Maserati’s, Rolls Royce Phantom, Corvettes and Porsches. Our fleet of vehicles are housed in an air-conditioned warehouse. The auto's we provide you with are hand washed and cared for daily thereby providing you with the best driving experience and appearance on the roads. Our exotic cars for rent are sure to turn heads as you cruise up and down the busy streets of the city

Exotic Hourly Rentals

Vehicles can be rented from as little as an hour to weeks on end. Our exotic cars are fuelled and can be delivered to your hotel or remote destination like a true VIP. International licenses are accepted a valid credit card and being over the age of 25, is all that is required to rent your favourite exotic sports car for the day.

What better way to turn heads driving through the city then with a fancy sports car and some arm candy in the passenger seat, but your adventure shouldn’t end there. We can provide the best driving experiences with wide highways and minimal traffic allowing you to reach top speeds in excess of 150mph. Our top rental the Ferrari F450 has reached speeds in excess of 200mph the highest thus far, can you beat that?

Dream Car Rentals

The exotic cars represented on this page reflect our current fleet available for rent in the area. Exotic Rentals can be rented the day of but we advise you reserve your car in advance as limited inventory exists for the rare sports cars including our Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. Unlike other Dream Car Rental companies our inventory is professional grade with no blemishes, tears or fading of the interior.

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