Our Adventure Packages have been hand selected to deliver you the finest selection of exciting options for you, suitable for Stag Parties, Hen Parties, Large Events or even couples, all that is required is your commitment to be daring and embark on an Adventure that can't be matched by any other tour operator.

Presenting you with opportunities to perform flight simulations, ride in a helicopter or rent exotic sports cars, these adventure packages are not for the faint hearted and neither are the memories. You will find our prices to be competitive and discounted versus the internet published rate we encourage you to shop around as you will find our adventure prices to be the best and cheapest around.

ATV Rental


The excitement that awaits you with our ATV adventure Expedition which is sure to send you flying from your seats when ripping through 100ft Sand dunes on high speed ATV Rentals.

Great for corporations, groups and stag parties of any size with over 20 ATV Rentals and models to select from!!

There are several different ATV excursions we offer including Guided and Unguided Tours. ATV Rentals range from 3 hours to a day long enough to fulfil anyone's adrenaline expectation in our selected locations. The Guided Tours are great for mixed groups including children and elders, also for Parties and Stag Groups our unguided expedition is the top choice as it offers free reign for you to rip through the sand at speeds up to 45mph.

Dune Buggy Rental

dune buggies

Great for all groups and stag parties, Dune Buggy in the desert offers excitement and safety for all passengers. Dune Buggies are available in 1,2 and 4 passenger vehicles so everyone can share in the fun. Dune Buggy's offers a similar experience to ATV riding but with less danger

Sky Diving


So you lost your family fortune what better way to spend the day than jumping from an airplane? Sky Diving is the most scenic way to enjoy all of the valley's treasures. Suspended over 10,000 feet above the ground you leap in tandem with a Sky Dive Professional who positions you above a scenic part of the land. Sky Diving isn't for the faint hearted if you show the right certification diving solo without a partner is an option for you. We offer discounted group rates for Stag parties, Hen parties, VIP and Corporate Parties looking to enjoy this adventure at a great rate!

Gun Range

gun range

The most popular adventure amongst the foreigners the Gun Range has become a popular item in the State especially in Las Vegas. What better way to expel your frustration then to let loose a round of bullets headed towards a target painted with your favourite villain? The Gun Range is suitable for parties of any size and is sure to give anyone the most excitement possible in just the palm of your hand.

The Gun Range offers a plethora of weaponry ranging from the standard hand gun to semi and fully automatic weapons. We provide discount transportation to the Range and can reserve shooting channels side by side for large parties.

Gun Range Packages are also available and include a combination of Machine Guns, Bullets, T-Shirts and other paraphernalia to remember your hostile time.

Boating & Jet Ski


The water adventures include Jet Ski, High Speed Boats and or Pontoon Boats for Entertaining guests or chilling with your party on the lake. Round-trip transportation is provided with our Jet Ski Boat Rental Packages and lunch can be accommodated for as well.

Rentals can range in price for the amount of time you look to be on the water. This package is best for the Spring, Summer and early autumn months.

Jet Ski Rentals are for 2, 3 & 4 persons and can hit top speeds of up to 35 miles per hour on the water, so be careful! They are great for small and large groups looking to have a day of fun on the water and enjoy a break to do something different.

The high speed boats are ideal for groups of 3+ and are for experienced drivers. Pontoon Boats offer the best overall experience for large groups seeking the enjoyment of boating and have the comfort of laying in the sun.



The best in-door excitement is Go-Karting. You can forget about hot activities in the sun if you're looking for bragging rights within your party then In-door Go Kart Racing is a sure winner. The Race Facility in Las Vegas is equipped with over 50 Go Karts and a professionally Designed Track by Kurt Busch.

In addition you will find an arcade, a state of the art dining facility, race museum and other fun activities for the group. In-Door Go Kart Racing is the ideal Pre Wedding party Idea to add excitement for a weekend in Town. This activity is fun anytime of the year.

The In-door Kart Track is a must visit for individuals seeking a thrill without requiring you to spend a lot of money or time.

Helicopter Tours


Night-time Helicopter rides are the best way to enjoy the city's greatest treasures without spending your fortune to do it. The Helicopter Tours last up to 20min. This is just long enough to enjoy the last few minutes of this breath taking experience. Perhaps the most unique activity in town, the Helicopter night tour offers couples and those who newly found love a great escape from the cities other temptations.

Millions of lights will mesmerize you as you cruise on your own magic carpet past the greatest views in the city.

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