1OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

1OAK Nightclub Las Vegas is situated inside the Mirage Hotel, the owner description of 1OAK is that it “Embodies chic, world class service and the ultimate in after dark innovation, as we introduce the Las Vegas nightlife scene to the excitement and sophistication of a new York City style night out”

1OAK is a very intimate Nightclub with a world class Light and sound system and stripper poles which adds to the clubs already sexy image. 1OAK Las Vegas host to some of the world’s hottest talents in the music industry and unannounced appearances from A-List celebrities.

1OAK is a Nightclub bringing that Exclusive and VIP feel from New York into Las Vegas, with Vegas truly making the club its own. Every club claims to be unique but 1OAK is One of a Kind.

Expect to get your dance on to a combination of electronic, hip-hop and Top 40 in rotation, with more options on two-room nights and guest performances leaning toward pop and hip-hop artists. 

One thing you'll notice upon entry is that 1 OAK is dark – and this isn't just a statement of the obvious about pretty much every nightclub's lighting.

The club hasn't simply turned the lights down, but the walls are black and the accents are all in dark tones, with aged brass framing much of the artwork on display. The artwork, created by famous artist Roy Nachum, adds a sexy vibe to an already intimate venue.

The centrally located dance floor is right up against the DJ booth, close enough to the main bar to grab a drink without having to make a long trek back when your favorite jam is playing. VIPs can get a table up close to the dance floor, or some more secluded seating near the second bar, as well. Performers get a spot near the main dance floor, so you can keep close to the action.

If the thought of an intimate, sophisticated nightclub experience excites you, go ahead and put on your favorite outfit for a special night out. Every club is unique, but 1 OAK is... Well, we already went over that.

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Details - 1OAK Las Vegas
3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas,
NV 89109
United States
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