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UK2VIP is a UK based company that specialises in providing guests from the UK with excellent levels of customer service within the Las Vegas, Miami and New York hospitality industry. We have existing relationships that span years in the cities we operate in, with the most prestigious and sought after venues. Utilising our services will translate into the ultimate VIP experience for your group.

Services offered

  • Insight/Expertise
  • Access to the most sought after VIP accommodations for Nightclubs and Pool Parties within the cities that we operate in.
  • Premium seating at all our nightclubs, pool parties, restaurants, shows and concerts
  • Exclusive hotel rates and upgrades
  • Personal Concierge services
  • Group bookings/Event planning/Venue buyouts

More about UK2VIP

I was born in London, England and have been regular within the London hospitality scene for years, I first visited Las Vegas in 2003 and the whole status a Host made themself feel like was such a prestigious position, being the Party capital of the world i was easily bought in and charmed by what seemed a very knowledgable and well known Las Vegas personality. The service i received was to a whole different level that i was used to in London and instantly was seduced by what the city had to offer. I felt like a celebrity, walking past hours of lines and right to the front of the lines and to my table. I stayed for 5 days and spent almost £5,000 in those 5 days. It was a lot but i felt this was the price to be a celebrity for a week. It was considered normal costs to pay for the services i received. I was so in Love with the city that i booked a trip back 5 months later as i couldnt be away from it and wanted that feeling again. On my second visit early 2004 i met some friends who are well known in the USA and they introduced me to some well known people in Las Vegas who were accustomed to the level of services i received on my last visit, however the costs were almost £3000 less than my last visit. Immediately i felt that ten's of thousand's of UK tourists were being treated the same way and were not given the exposure to the costs on my second visit and continued to return to the City and be heavily overcharged and made to feel great about it, as i did.

I wanted to make a change and formed a partnership with my newly acquainted friends in Las Vegas and formed a mini hospitality service from the UK and forward leads to the USA to supply holiday makers and people celebrating Stag and Hen parties to more honest people. This partnership took a year or so to really get off the ground before we knew it we had actually started what seemed a very profitable business solution. This operation was in service for many years before we decided to make it more official in the UK and form UK2VIP. The company was re branded in 2010 and using the foundation built and the contacts we made in the USA this was a great platform to start the new company in the UK. This was going well and i moved to Las Vegas for 6 months to grow our presence and knowledge of the City, before moving back to the UK and deciding to take things to the next level.

Since 2010 the brand UK2VIP has expanded to Miami and New York City, with further plans to expand to 3 more cities in the rest of the world by 2014.

Our list of clientele now includes A-List celebrities, Premiership footballers, Music artists, Cricket players, Models and TV personalities from all over the world.

We provide a wide range of different packages and services and aim to customise a group's individual needs and tailor a suitable relevant package for the customer, no matter how big or small the budgets are.

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